You don't have to be!

Relevant Reach is here to help you navigate social media for your church or ministry. With Relevant Reach, you'll learn how to use social media to reach more people with your message, while spending less on advertising! And for a limited time, you can join Relevant Reach and get an amazing, never seen before deal. Plus some awesome goodies!


Would you love over $100 worth of goodies, specially curated to your ministry, sent to you for free?

Who wouldn't? When you join Relevant Reach right now, not only do you get a year's membership, but you receive over $100 worth of awesome goodies sent to you.

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You probably assume that if you want to reach more people, you have to spend big bucks on marketing.

Or maybe you think you have to figure out social media for your church or ministry organization all by yourself.

And seriously, who has that kind of time when you're leading a church, or you're a ministry leader? That's where Relevant Reach comes in...

Through the Relevant Reach Membership...

I give you the tools and the knowledge that you need to be able to use social media effectively.

And that, will help you increase your reach, and the impact of your ministry. And that's even if you have ZERO social media experience!


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Have you attempted to increase your reach on your own but haven’t seen the results you hoped for?

Would you love to share the Love of Jesus with online users that may never step through the doors of your church?
Do you want to increase your engagement and community online as more people depend on social media for communication and news?

It takes knowledge and skill when using Social Media to increase your reach and make a bigger impact. And until now, there's never been a program like this available that's 100% focused on assisting churches in their Social Media efforts.

Relevant Reach is a community that is crafted solely for churches and ministries...


  • Learn creative ways to engage and reach people that do not know Jesus
  • Reach more people while spending less money
  • Trainings on all things social media
  • Monthly social media content calendar
  • Social Media Vault will also be included in your membership and updated monthly & includes high quality images plus captions for social media
  • No training or prior experience is necessary, anyone on your ministry team can do this

So who am I, and why am I uniquely qualified to teach you how to use social media for your church or ministry?

Experience: I have spent over a decade of work in social media, helping businesses grow their presence on social media, increase sales, and reach more people.
Education: I grew up in the church, came to know Jesus as a teenager. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Campbell University and I graduated in May, 2019 with a Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Southeastern Seminary. 
Passion: My passion has always been for Jesus, the lost, seeing discipleship happen in the local church, and watching others grow in their love for Christ and the world. 
Relevant Reach is not a a project or a career change. Relevant Reach comes from a lifetime of feeling called to ministry. After prayer and planning, God has led me to combine my experience, education, and passion to equip The Church.

The Value You Receive by Using Relevant Reach

You could spend $500+ per month on traditional advertising (newspapers, newsletters, radio, mailing lists, etc)...

You could spend thousands of dollars monthly paying a Social Media Manager to handle everything for you...


You could spend as little as $497 per year to join Relevant Reach!

And the best part? I'll teach you how to reach more people without spending hundreds of dollars on advertising. How cool is that?

For example, I've reached over 3,000 people with only one post spending zero dollars!

For a limited time only, you can become a member of Relevant Reach for only $497 per year. And it stays that price forever!


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